12 июн. 2009 г.

Непростые отношения или relationship idioms

Сегодня предлагаю парочку-другую выражений, которые описывают отношения между людьми: дружба, любовь, влечение, встречи, расставание.

get on/along with somebody
MEANING: to have good relationship with someone
e.g. Jack and July get along really well. They've been friends since high school.

fall for somebody
MEANING: to start being attracted by someone
e.g. Sarah fell for Michael's charm and good looks.

hit it off
MEANING: to become friends or lovers soon after meeting one another
e.g. Max and Amber met last night and really hit it off. They are going to the cinema this evening.

go for
MEANING: to like somebody
e.g. I don't think she is his type. He goes for model-like girls.

go out
MEANING: to start dating someone
e.g. How long have they been going out? - Unusually long for both of them.

fall out
MEANING: to stop being friends
e.g. June used to be her best friend. But they fell out over a guy from their team.

split up / break up
MEANING: to stop going out with someone
e.g. They had been in a long-year relationship and had two kids before they decided to split up.

make up
MEANING: to become friends again after an argument
e.g. My neighbors had a big argument last week, but they've made up now.

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