2 сент. 2009 г.

Разговорник для американцев

Оказывается на свете есть добрые англичане, которые решили помочь наивным американцам освоится в недружелюбной Англии с ее английским, который иностранец, чей родной английский, не всегда поймет. Как так? – спросите. Да, просто все – у англичан столько красочных и колоритных способов описать свою действительность, что канадцу, австралийцу, американцу или новозеландцу легко запутаться, не говоря о тех, кому английский не приходится родным. Обратите внимание на следующие типично английские (в большинстве своем лондонские) выражения или слова с объяснением на английском для англофонов не с островов. Я также осмелился привести русские аналоги там, где было возможно:

Beefeater - This is the name given to the guards at the Tower of London and a chain of cheap steak restaurants. One is worth visiting, one is worth avoiding!
Русский: тут все понятно – стражи у Тауэра и сеть дешевых забегаловок.

Boffin - This is the word for a nerd. Usually male, a boffin would be highly intelligent, have no dress sense and probably grow up to be a mad scientist or a programmer!
Русский: чудак.

Father Christmas - Santa Claus in America, though I'm not sure he's the same bloke. I saw him in London when I was leaving for New York, and when I arrived, hey he was there too!
Русский: Дед Мороз? :)

Job's worth - A job's worth is a person who is inflexible in their job, even if it means upsetting their customer. For example, if a restaurant served custard with apple pie and you wanted ice cream instead, a job's worth would be the kind of waiter who would refuse to give you ice cream because it wasn't listed like that on the menu. The excuse would be that it was more than their job's worth.
Русский: сердитый официант.

Lollipop man - Every kid loves the lollipop man (or lady of course). They stand in the middle of the street and hold this huge lollipop up to stop the traffic as the kids cross the road. Actually it's not a real lollipop - it is a sign that tells the traffic to "STOP, CHILDREN CROSSING". Sometimes called a crossing guard in the US.
Русский: знак „СТОП”.

Mother - Don't be alarmed if a British bloke says "Shall I be Mother?". This would happen when the family sit down to a pot of tea or a slice of cake and someone needs to pour or cut for everyone. Whoever gets to do the honours is being "Mother".
Русский: Разливающий за столом.

Nosey parker - Someone who sticks their nose into everyone else’s business.
Русский: любопытная Варвара.

Skiver - A skiver is someone who evades something. For example a truant is someone who skives off school instead of studying - I should know!
Русский: прогульщик, лентяй.

Wally - This is another term for someone who has been a bit stupid.
Русский: простак, глупыш. Мультик про Wally смотрели? Во-во…

Yank - An American. The Brits refer to the Americans as "yanks" in general. Whether you are from the north or the south!
Русский: Янки (американец).

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