1 нояб. 2010 г.

Business-readings in the Internet и не только о бизнесе

Страница со ссылками на онлайн газеты и журналы, откуда можно черпать бизнес и другие новости.


А ниже советы как читать подобную литературу:

What to do?

While reading in a foreign language is an excellent way to develop vocabulary, doing something with the words and ideas you read is even more effective and will help you get more mileage from the time you spend reading. Here are some activities you might try.

* Write a few sentences in your own words giving the gist of the article.
* Summarize each paragraphs' main points in your own words.
* Maintain your personal list of new or difficult vocabulary words and expressions.
* Write a one paragraph reaction to the facts and opinions in the article.
* Tell someone else about the article you read.