23 мая 2009 г.

It’s the first step that hurts. Let’s begin!

Предлагаю небольшую подборку идиомов на тему “начать/начинать” с объяснениями на английском, а также примерами.

hit the ground running
MEANING: to begin a task with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
e.g. John has hit the ground running on that psychology project. He’s already found funding for it!

get off on the wrong foot
MEANING: to begin badly
e.g. After we moved in we had an argument over the bathroom. We really got off on the wrong foot.

start the ball rolling
MEANING: to start something happening
e.g. When looking for a new job I started the ball rolling by calling my old friends.

from the word “go”
MEANING: from the very beginning
e.g. She knew from the word go they would never be friends.

from scratch
MEANING: to start again from the very beginning without anything used previously
e.g. Starting a new family from scratch was not for him.

wipe the slate clean
MEANING: to give somebody another chance without paying attention to past misdoings
e.g. Once the children were punished, the slate was wiped clean.

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